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Fashion takes to the next level

Whether it comes to a fashion exhibition, a show or a local trend, we got it covered. We will introduce you to upcoming shows and events before they even make it public.

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Newest accessories

Discover what accessories are trendy this season and find out where to buy them from or what to mix them with.

Fancy events

Whether you attend a wedding or a fashion event, make sure you stay in trends with the right pair of shoes – where do you get them from then?


Ready for holiday

Are you getting ready for a holiday? Here is everything you need to know before packing, not to mention the best deals in Mississippi and where to find them.

Tips and tricks

Things like scarves and other accessories have always been trendy. What makes the difference is the way you wear them – we will teach you.

Fashion events and shows

Mississippi may not be the best place in the world for fashion exhibitions and trends, yet we do have our own style. Plus, whatever happens in New York or other fashion capitals, it will most likely make it here too.

Go through our articles and blog to find out more about the newest trends, but also to read more about upcoming fashion shows and events.

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