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The Right Nicotine Strength Makes A Difference In The Vaping World

It is always better to update yourself with as much information about vaping, before you begin your vaping journey.

How Much Nicotine is Too Much Nicotine?

When vaping, the right concentrate of the vape juice does play a significant role. E-juices come in a variety of nicotine strengths and finding the right strength might require some effort on your part.

Regular nicotine and nicotine salts are the two popular choices when it comes to beginners. Now you might wonder what the difference between the two is:

  • Regular nicotine has higher alkalinity, whereas nicotine salt has low alkalinity
  • Nicotine salt is less harsh to taste than regular nicotine
  • Nicotine salt has a faster absorption rate than regular nicotine
  • Regular nicotine is suitable for all types of vaping which is not the case with nicotine salts

The vaping process is incomplete without vaping devices wherein you can add the vape juice of your choice and maximize your vaping experience. Many of the devices come with an introduction kit that tells you the correct way to vape and also on how to clean and maintain your device.

Some useful tips include:

  • Replacing the coils and wicks in your vaping device when they start to give out a bad flavor
  • Ensure that you clean your vape tank
  • Use a damp towel or a cotton swab to wipe your vaporizer and its components
  • Bear in mind not to wash your vaporizer with water
  • Avoid using chemicals or soaps on the vaping device

History behind Vaping

The first electronic cigarette was developed in 1963. It started gaining worldwide popularity in the 2000’s. Initially products like cig a like were sold in the market that use to run on cartomizer and batteries. Slowly when the e-cigarette market began to evolve, products like the vape pens came into the picture. These pens are refillable and can be used with any flavored vape juice, available on this site.

The vaping market slowly started growing as new and better products such as the vape MODs started to gain a niche in the industry. These devices promised a better battery life and came with advanced features such as shock protection and temperature control.

Determining the Right Nicotine Strengths

The right nicotine strength might vary from one person to another. Depending on your vapor production, choose the vape juice, that has the nicotine levels within the below ranges:

For low vapor production, for regular nicotine, the range is 9 – 18 mg/ml. In the case of nicotine salts, the range should be 30 – 60 mg/ml.

For medium vapor production – In the case of regular nicotine, the range is 6 – 9 mg/ml. If you are using nicotine salts then the range should be 20 – 30 mg/ml.

For high vapor production – In the case of regular nicotine, the range is 1.5 – 6 mg/ml. If you are using nicotine salts then the range should not exceed 10 mg/ml. in your vape juice.


If your ultimate goal is to wean off smoking, then vaping might be the best option for you. You can find the right vaping level and slowly and gradually reduce your nicotine intake.