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T o some, this blog is founded and maintained by NMissCommentor. To others, Mary McMahon is the name behind it. The truth is everyone knows the same person. Mary McMahon started this blog in 2010. It was supposed to be a fashion blog, so she discussed all the local and international trends in fashion and culture. She was known as NMissCommentor back then.

Her expectations were quite low – she just wanted a platform to express her opinions, points of view and ideas. She started covering other topics as well, such as news and events, especially in fashion. The blog kept growing and its returning visitor database asked for an upgrade. With time, NMissCommentor started using her real name for a more personal experience. The blog has not changed its profile too much, yet news became more frequent and it quickly became a full time job.

Everything changed in 2013, when NMissCommentor decided it was the time to push her website to a new level, so she started covering more topics.

She introduced a section for news, as well as another one for culture and arts. She ended up covering upcoming events and news regarding the local culture, theaters, shows and concerts. She covered the most important news in the area as well, leading the blog in a direction that she never expected – a local hub for everyone in Mississippi to discover.

By 2019, NMissCommentor turned a fashion blog into an entertainment hub. She runs a big team now and she covers anything that happens in Mississippi, from news and events to show and concerts. The blog also has a forum and takes comments from those who want to express their opinions.

The primary purpose is still there

The primary purpose of this role has not changed too much. If you go through its history, you will be surprised by how much it has changed over the last years. It was a small fashion blog run from Mississippi and it became one of the most important hubs for news and events in the entire state. With all these, according to NMissCommentor, it aims to maintain its original goals and profile.

From this point of view, you will find lots of articles and news related to fashion. This is the most diversified topic on the blog and it seems to be an inspirational source of information for people all over the country. Believe it or not, there are certain ideas and trends that make it first on the blog. Such coverage shows up before the trend even becomes famous. In other words, NMissCommentor has managed to create a community that can set trends if they are well planned. Moreover, no fashion events or show will miss from the blog – whether it comes to buying tickets or checking out the gallery.

  • Fashion coverage70%
  • Art coverage52%
  • Local culture coverage40%
  • News and events60%

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